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September 2001 Issue


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Net4Nuts offers consolidation of online services
In a world where information is gleaned from various online services, consolidation becomes essential. That's what Net4Nuts is offering through its URM application.

Cover Story

Network Management should be proactive and pre-emptive
As business dependence on IT infrastructure increases, network management goes beyond troubleshooting and device configuration

Selecting a Network Management Solution
The market is flooded with Network Management Solutions and selecting the most suitable one can be tricky. But here are a few guidelines to follow and some features to look out for

Other Features

Buying Tips *
Glossary *

Network Cards
Planning to hitch your PC to a network. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying a network adapter

Terminologies Simplified
near-end crosstalk (NEXT) Interference that occurs close to a connector at either end of a cable. NEXT is usually measured near the source of a test signal.
Technology *

Content Distribution Networks and Internet Caching
Caching technologies accelerate the distribution and delivery of Internet content
Java Message Service (JMS) defines a standard API that allows Java developers to easily build enterprise applications. A overview of this technology

"Storage will no longer be a monolith, but selectivity will be the key"
With corporate storage requirements almost doubling every year companies are now allocating separate budgets just for storage.

On Itanium, PA-RISC, Superdome and Server trends
There have been many significant developments in the server space. Firstly, Intel launched its 64-bit processor for servers.

Security *
Q-Support Corner *

Intrusion Detection Systems: Beyond the first line of defense
Firewalls form the first line of defence against malicious hackers. But what if a hacker is able to get past your network firewall. This is where Intrusion Detection Systems come into the picture

Troubleshooting Techniques
I have integrated two networks, token ring to Ethernet and then back to token ring.

Workshop Wisdom*

Messaging on the move
SMS is fast gaining center stage as the preferred medium for mobile messaging over GSM networks. Here's an insight into SMS, how it works and the benefit it offers

Setting up your own IRC server}
Want to setup an IRC server for your website? Here's how

ShelfSpace *
Case Study
Hitachi Freedom Storage Lightning 9900 series
Compex DynaStack DS2216--16Port 10/100 Mbps desktop switch
AXC 711 and AXC 627 Tigris MultiService Access Platform
ProConnect CPU Switches from Linksys

India Online Network lights up its fibres
TISCO rolls steel power with SAP technology

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