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DLT tape Library from Quantum
Quantum's PowerStor L500, an automated backup and restore device, is targeted at small- and mid-sized NT and Unix LANs.

The device comes with Ergonomic PowerStor libraries, which are plug-and-play. Once installed, the intuitive PowerStor control panel makes the library easy to operate and provides access to important configuration and status information.

Loading and unloading tape cartridges is easy and quick with front door access and a pair of 7-cartridge magazines. PowerStor is accessible on the WWW using ATL's WebAdmin software for remote administration when the power goes off.

PowerStor libraries require only seven inches of rack mount space and support up to three DLT4000 and DLT7000 drives for blazing native backup performance of up to 54 gigabytes per hour.

With half-terabyte of capacity, the data stored on a PowerStor library represents the productivity of many networked users. The PowerStor reliability specifications include:

  • 1,000,000 mean swap between failure (MSBF)
  • Up to 30,000 hour drive head life
  • 30 year archival life for DLT tape cartridges n


Apara Design Automation (P) Ltd.
Suite: 139, 7th Floor, Oxford Towers,
(Behind Maruthi Towers/Builders Apt.), Airport Road, Kodihalli,
Bangalore - 560 017
Ph: 5097501/5097818/5097826

Fabric Switch from Vixel
The Vixel 7200 16-port Fabric Switch features 16 ports in a 1U form factor and supports Stealth-3, Vixel's third generation loop switching technology.

The Vixel 7200 supports 100Mbps on every port and features auto-sensing and self-configuring ports.

The switch supports applications such as server clustering, ISP and e-commerce, NAS/SAN backup, |high-speed video streaming, enterprise tape backup and disaster recovery.

Apara Design Automation (P) Ltd.
Suite: 139, 7th Floor, Oxford Towers,
Airport Road, Kodihalli,
Bangalore - 560 017
Ph: 5097501/5097818/5097826

Caching products from MRO-TEK
MRO-TEK Ltd., and Expand Networks, USA have launched Acceralator 4000 and 2750.

The enterprise caching products will revolutionize the perfor-mance of corporate networks by extending the power of Web caching to include all bandwidth intensive enterprise applications.

The products deliver caching to all traffic on enterprise networks be it Frame Relay, leased lines or IP, to deliver broadband performance. The end result is a 100 to 400 percent additional throughput, and sometimes much more, from existing networks.

'MRO-HOUSE', P.B. No. 3203,
14, 1st 'D' Main Road, Ganganagar,
Bangalore - 560 032
Ph: 3332951 Fax: 3333415

Range of NAS products from IBM
IBM TotalStorage NAS 200 is (one processor and up to 216 GB) targeted at XSPs, workgroups and branch office environments. Applications such as video streaming or e-mail storage, or the rack (two processors and up to 1.74 TB) version designed for departmental and regional office locations for applications such as sales force support can be run on this product.

The 200 is also ideal for workgroups undergoing server consolidation. In a rack configuration, the NAS 200 can be used by customers in retail, banking or insurance where branch offices or departments need to store data for file serving or client backups due to server consolidation.

IBM TotalStorage NAS 300 with its fault tolerant, dual engine design, supports applications such as accounts receivable, payroll or customer support, in large departments and small enterprise settings.

IBM TotalStorage NAS 300G is the industry's first open NAS appliance. The NAS 300G allows LAN-based clients and servers to easily interoperate with an existing SAN, leveraging the features and performance of a SAN with the ease and convenience of a NAS product. The new feature allows clustering of two NAS 300G products to offer high availability, fault tolerant NAS-to-SAN bridge.

For effective storage systems management, the IBM NAS 200, 300 and 300G employ Tivoli Storage Manager, which features centralized storage management capabilities, such as tape sharing, space management, policy-based disaster recovery, and data protection for the most popular groupware.

IBM India Ltd.,
Prestige Towers, 2nd Floor,
#99, Residency Road,
Bangalore -560 025
Ph: 2079999 Fax: 2079010/11

ISDN Router Range from D-Link
D-Link India has launched a range of remote routers that use ISDN lines to provide WAN connections between two or more LANs in an office, campus or other large organizational setups.

D-Link's range of ISDN remote routers include DI 206 (ISDN WAN port with built-in Hub ports), DI 308 (1 ISDN WAN port built-in Switch ports) and DI 300 series (1 ISDN WAN port).

The routers are designed to link a branch office to a corporate LAN and the Internet. Using an ISDN line, the routers connect the SOHO to a remote LAN such as a head office or another branch office. These routers make applications such as video conferencing, medical image transfer, VoIP and streaming media possible.

The DI-206 is priced at Rs. 24,000, the DI-300 at Rs. 29,000; and the DI-308 at Rs. 43,000.

D-Link India Limited,
D-Link House, Plot No. 5,
Kurla-Bandra Complex Road,
Off. CST Road, Santacruz (E)
Mumbai - 98
Ph: 652 6696, 652 6690
Fax: 6528914

NetScreen Appliances from Apara
Netscreen Appliances

NetScreen Technologies line of integrated security appliances is a purpose-built Internet security appliances that combine firewall, virtual private networking (VPN), and traffic management functions. All NetScreen integrated security appliances feature near-wire-speed performance, even for 3DES encryption, and very low latency, allowing them to seamlessly fit into any network. Installing and managing appliances is easily accomplished using the WebUI command line interface, or NetScreen's central management solutions.

NetScreen's appliance provides a scalable security solution, ranging from protecting broadband telecommuters to large corporate offices and e-commerce sites. NetScreen's full-featured firewall uses technology based on stateful inspection, securing against intruders and denial-of-service attacks. NetScreen's custom-built ASIC processes the firewall access policies and encryption algorithms in hardware; providing significantly higher performance than software-only solutions.

Integrated into all NetScreen Appliances is a full-featured VPN solution. These devices support site-to-site and remote access VPN applications.

NetScreen Virtual Systems
NetScreen Technologies offers a line of purpose-built, high performance systems, integrating both stateful-inspection firewall and VPN functionality with industry-leading performance. NetScreen's integrated security systems are resilient platforms, offering scalable solutions for large enterprises and service providers. All NetScreen security systems include support for Virtual Systems to secure multiple security domains.

NetScreen's Virtual Systems allow the creation of multiple security domains, each with its own address book, policies, and management. Virtual systems are combined with 802.1q VLAN tags to extend the Security Domain throughout the switch network. The NetScreen 1000 or NetScreen 500 and the corresponding VLAN switch network can appear as a combine security system with up to 500 ports.

NetScreen's security systems include critical high availability and redundancy features, including automated mirrored configurations, active session and VPN maintenance through a failure, and hot swappable redundant power supplies, fans, and processing modules.

NetScreen systems are modular, allowing custom configuration and extra reliability. All systems offer redundant AC or DC power supplies as well as removable fan modules. The NetScreen 1000 also comes equipped with multiple processing boards for increased redundancy and performance. The NetScreen 500 offers two types of interface modules and four interface module bays to allow increased system configuration.

Apara Enterprise Solutions (P) Ltd.
Flat #139, 7th Floor, Oxford Towers,
Airport Road, Kodihalli,
Bangalore - 560 017
Ph: 5097501/501, 5097818

Compaq StorageWorks MSL5026SL
Compaq has launched the Compaq StorageWorks MSL5026SL, which delivers enterprise level features such as Hot Plug drives and cPCI I/O slots.

It is the first Compaq product to offer high availability features in this segment with Hot Plug drives and cPCI I/O slots. The MSL5026SL uses "hot pluggable" SDLT drive carriers, allowing drive replacement and an additional DLT drive addition for capacity expansion without interruption of normal backup and restore operations.

The MSL5026SL is compatible with Windows NT, Novell NetWare, Tru64 Unix, Linux and OpenVMS operating systems using industry standard application software, in direct SCSI attached configurations or heterogeneous platform connects from various vendors such as five RISC Unix's, Windows NT/2000, Novell NetWare, Linux, Open VMS, in a SAN with a Compaq EBS solution.

Compaq India,
92, Industrial Suburb II stage,
Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore - 560 022
Ph: 3374785 Fax: 3374601

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