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Online protection from new worms
THE SirCam and Code Red worms were doing the rounds on the Net recently and caused havoc to corporate e-mail systems. Now network anti-virus majors Trend Micro and McAfee are offering protection from these new worms.

Trend Micro has announced protection updates to counter the fast spreading TROJ_SIRCAM.A worm (alias SCAM.A, TROJ_SCAM.A, W32.Sircam.Worm@mm). These protection updates have been developed by Trend Labs, the company's global anti-virus research and support centres, located in three continents. Trend Micro will keep monitoring the infection status, and place updates on the website if infections get much worse. TROJ_SIRCAM.A is detected by pattern file #917, which can be downloaded at http://www.antivirus.com/download/pattern.asp.

McAfee, a division of Network Associates said it is providing online vulnerability assessment for the recently discovered Code Red worm. It is advising corporate users to use the CyberCop Worm-Scan tool on the McAfee ASaP website located at www.mcafeeasap.com. The Code Red worm directs hundreds-of-thousands of Web servers to the IP address, which redirects to the White House website.

By using McAfee's CyberCop Worm-Scan, corporate users can determine if the server is vulnerable, and if so direct users to the Microsoft website to download the patch. In addition to applying the patch, rebooting the server is also required to remove the worm from memory. Without the patch, the machine will simply become re-infected using the same vulnerability.

Global eSecure to set up technical competence centres
GLOBAL eSecure, an e-Security company, announced its plans to set up seven Technical Competence Centres (TCC) all across the globe by 2002. Through the TCCs Global eSecure will showcase its professional services skills, network security solutions, PKI applications and other services.

The company has set up one TCC in Mahape, Navi Mumbai and is moving fast to complete the other centres that are to be located at Bangalore, New Jersey and San Jose (US), London, Singapore and Europe.

The TCCs will give customers an opportunity to see the solution running live and present a choice of solutions and hands-on experience on products that suits their network, application and transaction security requirements. Customers can also interact with the security architects and consultants at the TCC.

Net Brahma launches new multi-protocol label switching software product
NET Brahma Technologies, a Microland Group company has forayed into the high-end networking software market with the launch of NBT-MPLS, its multi-protocol label switching software product, developed at its Development Centre in Bangalore.

NBT-MPLS addresses such issues as network scalability, QoS, multi-media applications over IP, VPN frameworks etc. NBT MPLS gives service providers the traffic engineering capability and resource availability they require for building the broadband networks of the future. Net Brahma's MPLS stack supports distribution of labels using either CR LDP or RSVP-TE and configuration using either CLI or SNMP.

Ishoni Networks announces 'Lightning Access' initiative
ISHONI Networks announces its 'Lightning Access' initiative that will bring more extension design tools and software products to manufacturers of broadband CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), including residential gateways and Integrated Access Devices (IADs) for businesses.

The company recently announced the first two products in its family of Gateway-on-a-Chip solutions designed specifically to give Voice-over-Broadband (VoB) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) CPE manufacturers a time-to-market advantage and cost savings. The Lightning Access Initiative will build on this introduction by integrating the next generation of features for SOHO and small-business users into the platform, including advanced networking and security.

As part of the 'Lightning Access' Initiative, Ishoni Networks has designed a fully functional IAD prototype that serves as proof-of-concept for broadband CPE manufacturers. The prototype supports an industry standard full-rate DMT ADSL modem, four voice-over-DSL lines, two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces and one USB interface. The prototype design includes Ishoni's Broadband Engine processor and software products that provide high-performance networking, SNMP and Web-based management, voice processing and connectivity to leading voice-gateway solutions. The retail cost of an IAD using Ishoni's platform is under $300, which lets manufactures meet service providers' requirements for mass deployment.

Bangalore Labs bags 10 news accounts, expands presence
BANGALORE Labs, the Internet Infrastructure Management Company, which provides Managed Services and Infrastructure Consulting Solutions, announced that 10 new customers have identified and selected Bangalore Labs for providing Infrastructure related services. The list of new Bangalore Labs' customers include General Electric Capital Services (GECIS), Hathaway, Hughes Telecom, Infosys, Jasubhai Digital Media, Larsen & Toubro Information Technology Ltd, Net Decisions, Skumars.com, Spice Telecom and Vysya Bank. With these new customers, Bangalore Labs has strengthened its presence in the Indian market.

Many of the new customers have engaged more than one area of Bangalore Labs' services portfolio; seven have opted for Security Solutions, three for Managed Services and four for our Infrastructure Design and Performance Management Services.

Bangalore Labs recently announced a host of Security Consulting and Managed Security Services (under the bSecure@BL banner), which include security initiatives, such as Ethical Hacking, Risk & Threat Assessment, Security Advisory Services, Remote Firewall Management, Online Intrusion Detection, Penetration Testing, and Vulnerability Assessments.

PGP E-Business Server for IBM OS/390 systems
PGP Security, a division of Network Associates, introduced the E-Business Server for OS/390, which enables secure transactions for corporations using IBM OS/390 mainframe systems by utilizing PGP encryption technology. This product enables enterprises using the OS/390 mainframe to secure stored data, and to also share this data securely with partners in e-commerce transactions. The E-Business Server product was originally introduced 4Q 2000. E-Business Server for OS/390 is an extension of the product line offering, addressing the mainframe marketplace.

The PGP E-Business Server allows the compression of large files at the time of encryption. E-Business Server for OS/390 also provides Digital Signature to authenticate the sender, ensuring that the sender cannot deny having sent the information. It encrypts the data as soon as it is created on the mainframe, so that the information is protected from internal attacks. With PGP strong encryption and the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) model, the data is also protected during access and while in transit. Custom scripts, allowing for easy security integration into the company's business process, can automatically process the encrypted information. The encrypted data can then be securely transmitted over unsecured networks such as the Internet.

Novell completes acquisition of Cambridge Technology Partners
Novell, Inc. announced it has completed the acquisition of Cambridge Technology Partners (Massachusetts), Inc., adding a new services and consulting capability to complement its Net services software. Jack Messman, President and Chief Executive Officer at Cambridge Technology Partners has been named President and CEO of Novell.

Cambridge Technology Partners becomes a Novell subsidiary, retaining its name, market presence and independence. Cambridge will focus on Novell's major global and national accounts, and continue to serve its base of non-Novell global clients. It will continue to deliver strategic solutions around Digital Business Strategy, e-Commerce and Mobile Commerce, and help companies put their customer relationship, supply chain, and enterprise resource processes onto the Internet. Cambridge will also continue to offer systems integration and custom applications development to customers who need those services.

Cypress completes acquisition of Lara Networks
CYPRESS Semiconductor Corporation announced that it completed its acquisition of Lara Networks Inc. Lara is into high-performance, silicon-based packet-processing solutions for WAN infrastructure equipment. Lara's solutions target switches, routers and multiservice gateways handling multiple high-speed protocols up to OCD-768, including 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

Cypress offers a range of integrated circuit solutions for networking systems, building on its core competencies in communications memory, high-speed programmable logic, high-performance physical-layer devices and mixed-signal timing solutions.

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