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August 2001 Issue


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Online protection from new worms
THE SirCam and Code Red worms were doing the rounds on the Net recently and caused havoc to corporate e-mail systems. Now network anti-virus majors Trend Micro and McAfee are offering protection from these new worms.

Cover Story

Servers shape up for scalability, availability
Though mainframe computers continue to exist, servers rule the roost in today's businesses, and borrow from mainframe designs the threat to Unix servers has increased now that Intel has launched its 64-bit processor. Itanium's new architecture has attracted manufacturers of RISC-based servers

E-security moves towards simple managed solutions
Enterprises are now more aware about security and are looking for sophisticated solutions that are easy to manage and implement

Wireless technologies continue to evolve
As various wireless technologies continue to evolve around the world, it will be the usefulness of content and applications, interoperable standards, and user acceptance that decide their fate

Optical networking yet to see the light of day
The demand for bandwidth is driving the growth of the optical networking industry. But carriers are not upgrading their backbones fast enough and prefer to wait for 3G networks to roll out.

Broadband will be driven by rich multimedia content
Broadband will really happen when companies come together to offer consumers a convergent solution, from Internet access to voice, and from entertainment & information, to e-commerce.

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Terminal Adapters
Terminal adapters allow you to leverage the benefits offered by ISDN. Here are some tips on buying these devices

Terminologies Simplified
Multiplexer A device that accepts multiple electronic transmission signals and combines them into one high-speed transmission.
Technology *

Converged networks: The future?
Here are some global trends in the communication arena, which are leading to the evolution of converged networks and the challenges involved in building such networks
Network Management Solutions for IP-VPN Services

Service Provider's profitability in the New World will be defined by their ability to rapidly introduce new services tailored to the specific needs of their customers.

"The market in India is warming to the fact that security is an important factor"
Recognising the need to provide E-Security solutions , Global Telesystems Ltd (GTL) has floated a separate company, Global E-Secure Ltd.
'India is ready for the development and use of free software'
Richard Stallman, founder and president of the Free Software Foundation was in India to officially launch a sister concern of the FSF in Trivandrum.

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Digital Watermarking - Steering the future of security
Online content delivery faces massive hurdles in the absence of a secure framework for protecting valuable data.

Troubleshooting Techniques
If you use lower grade cabling (CAT 3 or CAT 4), you may get a connection, but will soon experience data loss or slow performance

Basics *
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ISDN: An Alternative to Dial-Up?
ISDN is the faster alternative to dial-up Net access. We give you a lowdown on this technology and the issues involved in implementing it
Terminal Adapters

Terminal adapters allow you to leverage the benefits offered by ISDN. Here are some tips on buying these devices

India’s first level 3 data centre
Satyam Hosting commissioned the country's first Level 3 Internet data center at International Infotech Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, thereby eliminating the need for India centric applications to seek hosting services outside the country.
Workshop Wisdom*

Hitachi guns for enterprise storage solutions, organises forums
The Japanese conglomerate sees India as one of its prime markets for storage solutions, its fastest growing business

Configuring Sendmail
Here are some hands-on steps for configuring sendmail, the most popular Unix-based implementation of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol for transmitting e-mail

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DLT tape Library from Quantum
Fabric Switch from Vixel
Caching products from MRO-TEK
Range of NAS products from IBM
ISDN Router Range from D-Link
NetScreen Appliances from Apara
Compaq StorageWorks MSL5026SL

I read with interest the article 'Firewalls: Gatekeepers to your Network' in the July 2001 issue of Network Magazine. The article explained in simplistic terms what a Firewall is.

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