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Internet Fax Dialer from Sparr Electronics

The Internet Fax Dialer (IFD) from Sparr Electronics Ltd. (SEL), is an add-on peripheral to your fax machine, which allows the fax machine to send/receive/forward faxes through the Net, either to an e-mail address or to a fax machine. The IFD is connected between the telephone line and the fax machine and does not interfere with the sending/ receiving of normal faxes.

The IFD is also compatible with older, conventional fax machines at a fraction of the cost of the new Internet enabled fax machines.

The IFD can also download a fax sent by another IFD, which brings and prints to the local ax machine. This valuable feature enables two users to send faxes as normal fax-to-fax using just their e-mail address.

Fax forwarding is another new technology feature offered by the IFD. The IFD can also be instructed to receive faxes like a normal fax machine and then forward this fax to a pre-configured e-mail address. This enables you to view your faxes received at your office or home through your e-mail box.

Sparr Electronics Limited,
#43, YMS complex,
HMT Main Road, Mathikere,
Bangalore - 560 054
Ph: 3310836
Fax: 3348346

Wireless Access Platform from Enterasys
Enterasys Networks has launched RoamAbout R2 wireless access platform. The R2, Enterasys claims, is the first wireless access platform in the industry that offers 54 Mbps performance and thereby exceeds the speed of most wired networks. The R2 will enable high-bandwidth applications, such as live video, voice and multimedia, to run over wireless networks.

The 54 Mbps performance of the R2, Enterasys claims, offers a significant increase from the current 11 Mbps IEEE 802.11b wireless standard, without forcing customers through a full-scale upgrade of their existing 11 Mbps products. Additionally, it combines the mobility of wireless and a full set of "wired-like" features for security, management and policy enforcement. This offers command and control of wireless LAN traffic as more advanced applications move to wireless networks.

This means that corporations, schools, government agencies and other organizations can deliver high-end applications via wireless networks.

The R2 initially supports 11 Mbps speeds, and ultimately supports both 11 Mbps and 54 Mbps users simultaneously from one device. This design provides customers with investment protection in current 11 Mbps technology and an easy migration to higher speed wireless LANs.

The R2's advanced features bring "wired like" Layer 3-4 capabilities to wireless LANs, delivering multi-layer Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize network traffic across wireless or hybrid wired/wireless enterprise networks. In addition, R2 also offers the RoamAbout family's remote power feature, which reduces customer costs by eliminating the need to wire electricity to each access point. In addition, the R2 offers a 10/100 fast Ethernet uplink for connectivity to wired networks, a significant improvement from previous 10 Mbps uplinks.

Enterasys Networks
6th Floor, Rockline Centre,
#54, Richomnd Road,
Bangalore - 560 025
Ph: 5599024/052
Fax: 5599080

NetCache C1100 from Network Appliance
The NetCache C1100 from Network Appliance is a caching solution that can transparently mirror content closer to end-users reducing redundant traffic and eliminating network and server bottlenecks. NetCache appliances even improve streaming audio and video quality by reliably delivering high-bandwidth streams.

Enterprises, ISPs, and content providers can scale their existing networks without adding expensive bandwidth or additional infrastructure. Also, the complicated process of distributing content across the network can be simplified by the products ability to intelligently manage data.

NetCache C1100 is designed for deployments requiring the ease-of-use and reliability of an appliance, where space comes at a premium, such as branch offices and ISP points-of-presence (POPs). This slim, rack-mountable device features remote monitoring and management, quick software upgrades, and a dedicated OS designed for availability. With significant infrastructure and administration savings, as well as increases in productivity, NetCache delivers rapid return on investment.

Apara Design Automation (p) Ltd.
17, Sri Lakshmi Nivas,
#104, 36th Cross, 15th main,
4th T Block, Jayanagar,
Bangalore - 560 041
Ph: 6634607
Fax: 6656869

Broadband products from D-Link
D-Link has introduced the DSL-200 (ADSL USB modem for PC users) and DSL-300 (ADSL Ethernet modem for PC users), designed to provide megabit access for interactive video, high-speed data communication and Internet access to residential users.

The DSL-300 provides a 10 Mbps interface with the host PC through a 10 BASE-T Ethernet interface. Many PCs come with an Ethernet network adapter. The modem connects to this adapter through a provided twisted pair copper wire LAN cable with RJ-45 phone-like jacks.

The DSL-200 on the other hand provides a plug-and-play USB interface with the host PC through a USB port. Most new PCs come with USB ports.

Both operate on the existing installed twisted-pair copper telephone wire and do not require new transmission media such as fibre optic cable. This enables high-speed
multimedia services, Internet access and video conferencing for everyone using a standard copper phone line.

The DSL 200 and the DSL 300 remain on once they are installed. There is no need to dialup, to establish a connection to an ISP or to a corporate LAN.

The DSL-300 is priced at Rs. 27,500 and DSL-200 at Rs.25, 000.

D-LINK India Ltd.,
D-Link House, Plot No.5,
Kurla-Bandra Complex Road,
Off.CST Road, Santacruz (E),
Mumbai - 400 098
Ph: 6526696/6902210
Fax: 6528914

MRO-TEK launches ZyWall-10
MRO-TEK Ltd., exclusive partner for ZyXEL Communications Corporation in India, has launched ZyWALL-10 an Internet Access Security Gateway to secure internal resources from hackers.

Integrated with Internet firewall and network management features, the ZyWALL-10 is tailored for small and medium businesses and is aimed at securing the office's intranet.

The ZyWALL-10 is ideal for sharing broadband Internet Access while providing network security. Based on ISCSA certified Firewall Platform, ZyWALL Network Operating System's (ZyNOS) stateful inspection allows the ZyWALL to act as a secure Gateway between the Internet and LAN.

With the stateful inspection, fields of packet are compared to packets that are already known to be trusted, preventing theft, destruction and modification of data and log events from outside hackers and vandals on the Internet. ZyWALL supports TCP/UDP inspection, real time alerts, reports and logs. ZyWALL automatically protects the corporate LAN against Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, which are not uncommon.

'MRO HOUSE', P.B. No. 3203,
14, 1st 'D' Main Road,
Ganganagar, Bangalore - 560 032
Ph: 3332951 Fax: 3333415

Select unveils ace BigBouncer
ace BigBouncer is a hardware-based VPN system, offering encryption and authentication. BigBouncer helps create intranets, extranets, multi-party VPNs and secured virtual private links to mobile users while ensuring the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the data traveling across such networks.

It features packet-filtering firewall and virtual private network solution, supports IPSec with SKIP/IKE key management, and 3DES encryption algorithms. BigBouncer can be centrally managed and is compatible with the IPsec and X.509v3 standards algorithm.

ace BigBouncer operates at the network layer, and transparently secures all IP (TCP and UDP) applications. It supports IPSec-based tunneling with SKIP and IKE key management encryption. Encryption is Triple DES, the highest level of security available at a full 10 Mbps.

Select Technologies Pvt Ltd.,
233, 40th Cross, 9th Main
5th Block Jayanagar
Bangalore - 560041
Ph: - 6554711/ 12, 6348758/ 9
Fax - 6554713

Amazon Rapid Access Routers from Ericsson
The AXC 450 Amazon and AXC Amazon Rapid Dedicated Access Routers help corporations efficiently link multiple branch offices or aggregate remote LANs into a central network. These flexible routers support VPN-specific features such as L2TP tunneling, IPSec, DES encryption, and IKE security (as well as standard WAN services such as Frame Relay, ISDN, X.25, PPP, and SMDS). Policy-based routing and CIDR support enable Amazon to fit into virtually any networking design.

AXC 455 eliminates processing bottlenecks through hardware-based STAC compression, allowing users to take full advantage of high-speed T1/E1 links. Redundant flash image capability for both application and configuration files ensure robust network operation, resiliency, and centralized code downloads.

Ericsson Communications Limited,
The Great Eastern Plaza,
2-A, Bhikaji Cama Place,
New Delhi - 110 066
Ph: 6180808 Fax: 6187878

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