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Feature on CDMA
Vikas Sharma

I am regular reader of Network Magazine. Can you please tell me about website related to CDMA networks that can give me all technical details.

More info on VPNs

I am a student who is new to networking. I went through the May 2001 issue of Network Magazine. I found the topic on basics & network management very useful. Can you carry more information relating to VPNs.

Trinny Chacko

Help with Bluetooth

I read your article about Bluetooth in the Network Magazine and really liked it. I am also interested in learning Bluetooth programming. I want to know if you could help me in the fundamentals. Like where can I get the application toolkit and hardware? What will be the cost?

Is it available for purchase in Mumbai? Or do I have to get it from the US?

What are the programming languages supported for developing Bluetooth?

Kumar Valsalam

Help with Linux

I am new to networking and have little experience on Linux. I want to clarify few points on configuring Linux on a 64kbps-leased line. How to configure Cisco 1601 router, mail server and Web server? If only a single IP is obtained from leased line provider, how different hosts can act as Web server (assuming 4 web servers present in the network, and 20 nodes are connected to each, sharing the internet connections using proxy servers)?

A: If you are having a router and it is properly configured (properly installed on the Linux box), then you can use Apache Server (as a Web server) and sendmail (for email purposes). You can configure the trio to work in tandem with one another. If you are having RH configured on your system, then run "setup" to configure your card.

With regards to your second query, assign a particular address to each of your Web server via the router. Install Squid (a proxy server) on each machine that acts as a Web server. Your other machines shall then access the Web server as your main server, the main server in return shall use the router as it's gateway and enable users to use Internet.

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