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DAX - their best bet

Apcom was established in 1986. Although its involvement in the IT industry, through its ex-IBM management team, goes back to 1971. After IBM's closure in 1978, the company was involved in consultancy and turnkey projects before starting manufacturing & operations in 1986. The company then was amongst the first to start distribution of hardware and networking prouducts in India. Apcom pioneered the use of cartridge tape drives in India and were for years known as the "BACKUP PEOPLE". In 1988, Apcom saw a major growth opportunity and then diversified into Networking. By end-1990, Apcom clearly became the leading LAN products suppliers and acknowledged 'LAN Experts' in India. Apcom products, specifically COMPEX, are de-facto standards even today.

Positioning itself as a value-added distributor, Apcom started off with distribution of its own branded products in the name of DAX. The product roll over started in 1997 when Apcom launched India's first Data Secure System in the DAX name. The product was available in a complete range of Data Security for Notebooks, PCs and LANs. Apcom is one of the biggest and technically the most respected OEM supplier in the country. Apcom's Technology Distribution Network is well utilized by all computer OEMs, VARs, dealers and distributors.

To handle the growth in the Indian IT-market place, Apcom has structured its operations into two operational divisions namely;

Business Development Channel: For promoting products, brand management and ensuring that their principals Compex, Eicon, Specialix, Nordx/CDT and DAX are effectively represented in India.

Sales Channel: For selling and supporting all products sold to distributors, dealers, OEMs, SIs and VARs.

Apcom was one of the first companies to realize the potential for Networking in India. In 1988, their management made a decision to invest maximum resources in Networking Technologies .

In a space of three eventful years, they became market leaders. A year went in studying the market, developing technical expertise and getting the marketing/support teams together. In 1989, they tied up with COMPEX. Apcom is proud of the fact that COMPEX LAN cards dominate and constitute more than 75 percent of the installed base in India (IDC India Report).

Though PC-based LANs and WANs would dominate, Apcom realized that the demand for UNIX Connectivity would also grow. Hence, in 1992 they have tied up with SPECIALIX and today also enjoys the position of market leadership in UNIX Connectivity products.

In keeping with the trends world-wide, Apcom also entered the area of Wide Area Networking (WAN). The first major strategic tie up, in 1994, was with Eicon Technologies who are world leaders in X.25 and SNA-Connectivity. Here again, Apcom was quick off the mark and saw to it that the prestigious National Stock Exchange not only used Eicon X.25 cards but were also committed to use these as a standard all over India. Currently, over 2000 Eicon based terminals are linked to the National Stock Exchange WAN alone and Eicon has the largest installed base of ANY WAN product in India. They also have a tie-up, since 1995, with NORDX/CDT for end-to-end structured cabling. Apcom is the only Authorized Training Center (ATC) for Nordx/CDT Structured Cabling Systems in the region. With the opening up of the Indian economy, the phone companies, ISP privatization, and the popularity of the Internet, the need for global communication is immense. Apcom is committed to play a key role in taking India into the global network and, is on the lookout for adding new distribution products that are synergistic.

Apcom's Corporate Strenghts
First and foremost, Apcom's biggest strength lies in its strong and deep tradition of 'Professionalism' and `Respect for an Individual'. Consistent with this professionalism is their belief in training. Each and every professional appointed by them undergoes rigorous and continuous training. This is in addition to the year round in-house training.

One of the keys to organized operations - Systems is their weekly and monthly reporting systems and a state-of-the-art distribution center. All this enable Apcom to meet the exacting demands of its customers.In an industry which is plagued by narrow margins, Financial Strength becomes an important factor. Apcom is right through consistently maintaining effective cost control and operating margins. Business is conducted leveraging the total capital invested by full-time working directors.

Apcom has a wide geographic coverage with seven full-fledged offices and four representative offices, covering virtually all major business areas of India. And, they have definite plans to reach into smaller towns.

Thus, Apcom today is India's leading value - added distributor of computer products through its all India technology distribution networks.

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