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June 2001 Issue


News Front

Enterasys unveils 10-Gigabit Ethernet Strategy
Enterasys Networks has announced 10-Gigabit Ethernet networking for LANs, WANs and MANs.

Focus Features

Bluetooth: Connectivity without wires
Bluetooth has been around for over two years now. What is this technology all about? How does it work? Is it the usual hype that follows any new technology? Here are some answers.

A Quagmire of Wireless LAN Standards
There are many competing WLAN standards, each with its own advantages, limitations and support groups. Get under the hood with a through understanding of various WLAN standards.

Bluetooth: When will it take off?
Here is a peak into what vendors are doing to promote Bluetooth technology and the many hurdles it has to cross before emerging as the de facto standard for personal wireless computing.

Programming for Bluetooth
With more and more computing devices featuring Bluetooth connectivity, it's about time you provide some serious thought to programming for Bluetooth devices. Here are some snippets of code that will get you started.

Other Features

Modems are the must-have accessories to browse the Net the old fashioned way. We give you a lowdown on these devices.
Terminologies Simplified
Mesh Network Topology A physical network topology in which at least two paths lead to and from each network node.
Protecting the Enterprise Network
The Internet has changed the fundamental rules of enterprise security. Now it's a must for enterprises to go beyond firewalls, and think about implementing policy-based security solutions to ensure effective protection.
"3G is not going to take off for the next two or three years" - UK-based UbiNetics, a PA Group Company, a world leader in next generation communication technology, recently opened its third product development center in Bangalore.
Workshop Wisdom
The VPN advantage
Want to deploy a VPN for your organization? Here is all you ever wanted to know about VPNs - the benefits, security, management, et al.
Synchronization for QoS in networks
Synchronization distribution is essential for maintaining quality-of-service of optical and wireless networks.

Interactive File Sharing on the Web
Here's how you can share interesting files with other hosts over the Internet.
Configuring Apache Web Server-II
Want to WAP-enable your websites, monitor those big log files or manage FTP/Telnet access? We guide you through all these tasks on Apache Web server.

Call Centre
Customer Service: Now Just a Call Away
Here is all you ever wanted to know about call centers - from the technology involved to
the latest trends.
Call Center Management
Linux troubles
I have installed RedHat Linux 6.2 on the server (10 GB, 256 MB RAM, Intel Pentium -III processor) and would like to install a proxy server on it
Q-Support Corner
Case Study
Troubleshooting Techniques
Connecting Windows NT machine to a Novell Server, configuring WinProxy, installing Ethernet card drivers, IPAT, NAT and everything in between.
L&Ts Seamless B2B integration with SAP
Read on to find how the Electronics Business Group of L&T improved and transformed its key business processes to strengthen customer service operations, streamline supply chains and reach existing and new customers with ease by deploying SAP.
Buying Tips
Chennai Networked
Cable modems
In the market for a cable modem? Here is all you need to know about cable modems before making a buying decision.
Your Gateway to Global connections - Banyan Networks
DAX - their best bet
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