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May 2001 Issue


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MobiApps Launches India Operations
US based MobiApps; a provider of wireless communications technology has launched its operations in India by opening a development center in Bangalore.

Focus Features

Linux Basics
So what is Linux all about? Is it only a bunch of files for the operating system and a few utility programs? No—it's more than that. The following section gives you the lowdown on this powerful OS.

Flavors Of Linux
Linux is available in many flavors (read distributions) with each flavor having its own pluses and minuses.

Applications For Your Linux Box
The number of application being developed for Linux is growing rapidly. With established software players like Oracle, IBM, Informix, Inprise (Borland), etc, announcing support for Linux—some are already porting existing applications to Linux—this free OS is gaining in strength.

Is Tux Enterprise Ready?
Though widely accepted as a technology and deployed in enterprise departments, Linux is yet to mature as a serious enterprise ready platform.

Other Features

Network Management
Remote Controlling Your LAN
LAN users can remotely wake up the nodes on their network, run a certain process and put them to sleep all of this by using the Wake on LAN technology.
Terminologies Simplified
Manchester Encoding A digital scheme used in Ethernet networks to encode data and timing signals in the same transmitted data stream.
Integrating Voice Into Data Networks
While technologies such as Frame Relay and ATM are enabling transmission of voice packets over data networks using IP, there are still many issues that have to be resolved

Is QoS The Key To Accelerate Deployment Of IP Telephony? - QoS for voice transmission over IP networks is imperative for an experience equivalent to that offered by PSTN

"It Is One Technology That Is Creating More Supporters Every Day And They Are All Emotional About It"
With Linux fast gaining popularity, many user groups have mushroomed across the country.

"India Is Strategically Important Marketplace For Red Hat" - Red Hat is the market leader in open source operating system software and services..

Structured Cabling For Voice Communication
Voice over structured cabling is a real cost-saver in the longer term, but it can turn out to be an installation nightmare. Here are some pointers on using structured cabling for voice communications

Integrated QoS Platform From Sitara
NIC And Hubs From Select Technologies
EtherFast 10/100 Switches From Linksys
Tejas Launches Optical Access Products

Q-Support Corner
Smart Data Routing
Here is a brief introduction to routers the preferred devices in large networks operating on different technologies
Troubleshooting Techniques
Data flow over a mobile cellular network, details on structured cabling, connecting Macs to your network using AppleTalk and the usual solutions to vexing network problems
In a Netshell
Bits 'n' Pieces Of The Networked World
Last week I had a chance to attend the PKI forum convention at San Jose, and lend my ears to some sessions, and chip in with a few suggestions of my own.
Help for project

I am the student from BIT. I am doing a project on wireless LANs. With regard to this, I need information on security measures for wireless LANs.

Case Study
Customized Service: Sure Recipe for Success - In the new economy, businesses, especially in the services sector, have become customer-centric and have been exploring new ways to service customers efficiently.

Samtel Picture Perfect With Linux
Mid-Day Adopts Linux For Its Enterprise Mailing Needs

Linux Tweaks
Workshop Wisdom
Installing And Configuring Apache On Linux
Apache is the most popular and preferred Web servers on the Linux platform.
Faxing Made Easy And Cheap With Internet
Read on to find how IP Faxing, the convergence of the Internet, computer and fax, offers several advantages over traditional faxing.
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