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Linksys Appoints Ingram As India Distributor

Ingram Micro Inc., provider of technology products and services, announced its Indian subsidiary has entered into a distribution agreement with Linksys, a leading provider of networking hardware to the SME, SOHO, enterprise markets and broadband networking hardware market for the home.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ingram Micro India will offer all Linksys product lines including the Instant Broadband series, Instant Ethernet series, EtherFast series, Instant Wireless series and the ProConnect Series.

The Instant Broadband Series comprises of a range of hybrid devices such as cable/DSL routers with built-in switches and broadband modems while Instant Ethernet Series includes a full line of network adapters, PC cards, compact and rack-mountable hubs, network cable, print servers and Internet access hardware.

The EtherFast Series includes aggressively priced Fast Ethernet network adapters, PC cards, 100Mbps
hubs and 10/100Mbps switches with Wake-On-LAN and SNMP Management Module, while the Instant Wireless Series has a range of network access points,

PC cards and "cable-free" devices. The ProConnect Series is a complete line of connectivity enhancement solutions.

Enterasys Supports 802.1X Standard

Enterasys Networks has announced that its products will support the emerging IEEE (The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers') 802.1X industry standard. 802.1X, a comprehensive method for authenticating users before granting access to networked resources, will first be supported in Enterasys' Matrix switching line and NetSight family of network management products. Additional Enterasys solutions will offer 802.1X support later in 2001 as well.

802.1X complements Enterasys' Secure Harbour architecture, a holistic framework for defining and enforcing security across wired and wireless enterprise networks. Secure Harbor is designed to remedy attacks from both inside and outside a corporate or campus network.

802.1X is a collaborative effort by vendors in the software, server and networking industries to provide a standards-based authentication methodology. Authentication, combined with network-based services that are focused on the people who use the services and meeting their business objectives, will enable organizations to maximize the value of their IT infrastructure. Support for this standard complements Enterasys' recently announced User Personalized Network.

Tektronix Introduces Bluetooth Measurement Options

Tektronix announced a new analysis package that equips two of the company's proven spectrum analyzer models to perform a suite of automated tests for the Bluetooth protocol, an emerging wireless LAN technology. The new Bluetooth analysis software for the R3267 and R3273 spectrum analyzers provides several enhancements to the existing instruments, including an easy-to-use interface and a series of preset Bluetooth measurement routines.

The R3267 and R3273 spectrum analyzers are high-performance, general-purpose instruments with ample performance in terms of resolution, and dynamic range of Bluetooth measurements. Adding the Option 66 Bluetooth Analysis software to either instrument installs a variety of automated tests, including Occupied Bandwidth, spectrum mask tests and On/off Ratio. The included measurement procedures are present to meet current Bluetooth specifications. When equipped with the Bluetooth Option (Option 66), the R3267 and R3273 can perform all required Bluetooth RF (radio frequency) tests, including demodulation tests.

With the Bluetooth option, users only need to know how to operate a conventional spectrum analyzer. The new feature set also offers the ability to display multiple measurement results simultaneously.

Intel Designs New

Network ArchitectureIntel has created two communication silicon architectures aimed at speeding the development of new communication equipment and wireless clients that address the opportunities emerging from the convergence of voice and data networks. The Intel Internet Exchange Architecture (Intel IXA) addresses the network infrastructure needs of next-generation networks. The Intel Personal Client Architecture (Intel PCA) will speed the transition to next-generation wireless clients.

The need for greater Internet bandwidth is being driven by the rapid growth of wireless devices, continued growth in wired Internet access, and the convergence of voice and data over next-generation networks. This explosion of digital data over the Internet creates a market opportunity for Intel's communications silicon components.

Intel's wireless building block components can be used to develop handheld devices taking advantage of Intel PCA.

The Intel Strong ARM processor and future processors using the Intel Xscale micro-architecture are ideal for processing solutions that need high performance and low power consumption. Intel also offers cellular baseband chipsets and high-speed flash memory for the communications market.

aDatacraft India's Solution To OSS/BSS-iBOSS

iBOSS (Internet Business and Operation Support Systems), is a Datacraft initiative for operations and business support systems in areas such as Internet Protocol (IP) Billing, service provisioning, fault management, performance management, CRM and managed network services. iBOSS is a portfolio of software and services designed to help communication companies and service providers implement new Internet-based services fast and manage them effectively.

Using Datacraft iBoss, service providers can tap into an array of tools and solutions and deploy new services. iBOSS consolidates individual solutions from market leaders such as Portal, Concord, Micromuse, Architel, Netspeak, Netscout, Cygent, Remedy, etc. into a single product framework. Datacraft will also work closely with long-time business partner Cisco Systems to integrate the iBOSS solutions with products from Cisco, like CIC, VPNSC, and other leading suppliers of networking systems.

Ishoni Launches Broadband Engines

Ishoni Networks has launched the DV2000 and D2000 broadband engines, the first two products in its family of Gateway-on-a-Chip solutions designed specifically to give CPE manufacturers a critical time-to-market advantage as well as significant development cost savings.

The Ishoni DV2000 and D2000 can quickly and easily be designed into manufacturers broadband CPE, allowing end-user customers to save thousands of dollars in equipment costs and monthly service fees by using a single broadband connection for all their voice and secure data needs.

The DV2000 represents a technological breakthrough as the world's first solution to combine data networking, voice processing and security on a single chip. This makes the DV2000 an ideal solution for emerging Voice-over-Broadband (VoB) applications. While the DV2000 targets the small business and SOHO markets, the D2000 is an ideal solution for data-only CPE for residential customers. Both the DV and D2000 Gateway-on-a-Chip solutions incorporate Ishoni's patent-pending FlwexibleWAN Engine that allow them to interface with DSL, cable and broadband wireless connections.

In addition to this, Ishoni offers a comprehensive software suite and a development kit that allows manufacturers to immediately build and test data, voice and security applications. The unique combination of hardware and software provides a system platform that not only improves time-to-market, but also allows CPE manufacturers to differentiate their IAD, residential gateway, modem or router with specific applications.

Altium Technologies Commences India Operations

Altium Technologies, Inc. (California, USA) has launched its India Development Centre at Bangalore. The centre will develop hardware and software solutions to telecom and datacom customers across the globe.

Altium Technologies focuses on providing comprehensive solutions in the areas of Next Generation Network equipment, packet processing, Voice Over IP, wireless protocols, traditional telecom and datacom markets.

Extreme targets Layer 3 market
SantaClara, California headquartered Extreme Networks which has an exclusive partnership with Bangalore-based networking company MRO-TEK Ltd, is strengthening its market-share in India by targeting the newly-built broadband networks, service provider networks and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) in the country.

Over 1.5 million kilometre fibre is being laid throughout India as of today. To enhance the power of fibre, products like Layer 3 switch will enable broadband connectivity over Ethernet.

The two companies have also set a business target of US$ 32.6 million (Rs 1.5 billion) for the next three years to deploy Extreme Layer 3 switches in India. The product range that is available in the country include Blackdiamond, Alpine and Summit family of switches and Extremeware, the management software suite.

Some of Extreme's key customers in India include Satyam Infoway Data Center in Chennai, Juniper
Networks, New Delhi, ISPs such as Pioneer Online, Mumbai and multinational clients like Compaq, Sun, British Telecom, Cnet, etc.

Nortel Unveils Personal Internet Initiative

Nortel Networks unveiled in Asia the products and technology that enable its Personal Internet initiative to ignite the global 'content boom' and help create long-term revenue opportunities for service and content providers.
Nortel Networks Personal Internet is a new approach that will radically alter how users and content come together on the Internet by leveraging recent advances in content networking technology.

This is the introduction of a suite of new content networking products and patent-pending technology that will go beyond conventional offerings to enable truly end-to-end, personalized content delivery from the subscriber edge through the optical core to the content edge and back.

Sun's Technical Support Center In Bangalore

Sun Microsystems, which already has a big presence in India through an engineering center and a competency center for Java technology, has now set up the Developer Technical Support Center (DTS) in Bangalore city, where the company's corporate headquarters is also located.

This is Sun's third such endeavor in the Asia Pacific region, the other two being in Japan and Singapore. Aimed at the larger developer community in India, the new center will offer support, share expertise and resources to accelerate application development for both the Java and Sun Solaris platforms. Its developer support access program enables develops to select the support package to suit the size of their development project, budget and
skill sets.

Neutron To Distribute VMS Products

VMS Technologies, developer and manufacturer of Computer Telephony (CT) products has struck an alliance with Neutron InfoTech a newly setup division of Neutron Electronics Pvt Ltd., to distribute its products in India.

The new company will be focusing on CT products and solutions. Neutron InfoTech will be a major distributor for all VMS Technology's wide range of CT related products such as TeleCARE, group of products and REDtone Total Enterprise Server, in the Indian market.

VMS Technology has partners in other countries such as UK, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Intel Unveils 1 GHz Processor

Intel Corporation has introduced the mobile Pentium® III processor at 1 GHz, featuring the Intel SpeedStep technology. Intel claims that this new processor is the world's fastest mobile PC processor and is designed for full size and thin-and-light notebooks, and the most popular categories of mobile PCs.

Intel has also introduced the mobile Pentium III processor at 900 MHz with Intel SpeedStep technology and the mobile Intel® Celeron processor at 750 MHz.

Intel claims that the new mobile Pentium III processor at 1 GHz featuring Intel SpeedStep technology delivers lowest power consumption for full size and thin-and-light laptos. In Maximum Performance Mode the processor runs at 1 GHz and operates at 1.7 volts. In Battery Optimized Mode, both clock frequency and voltage are scaled down and the processor runs at 700 MHz, at 1.35 volts. The processor is based on the 0.18 micron process technology, features a 100 MHz system bus, 256 Kilobyte full-speed Advanced Transfer Cache, Advanced System Buffering, and Streaming SIMD extensions for higher system performance.

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