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April 2001 Issue


News Front
Linksys Appoints Ingram As India Distributor
Ingram Micro Inc., provider of technology products and services, announced its Indian subsidiary has entered into a distribution agreement with Linksys, a leading provider of networking hardware to the SME, SOHO, enterprise markets and broadband networking hardware market for the home.

Focus Features

Frame Relay For Wider Reach
Today's competitive business markets continue to shape the very nature of how we communicate.

How Effective Is Frame Relay?
Frame Relay provides a number of benefits over alternative technologies: low overhead combined with high reliability; network scalability, flexibility and disaster recovery; interworking with other new services and applications such as ATM.

Frame Relay, Still The Preferred wan Option
Frame Relay is a technology that is used to create wide area networks mostly connecting locations across the globe. It has been a preferred WAN technology for many years globally and in India.

Other Features

Network Infrastructure
Quality of Service
In Quest of tele-quality
The telecom industry is advancing like never before. Bandwidth is becoming abundant, and newer technologies combined with liberalization are opening up the remotest areas into the global tele-network.

Customizing Customer Experience On The Net - The promise of a profitable, broadband Internet continues to elude service providers
Personal Internet is the fifth market leadership for Nortel Networks
In an attempt to consolidate its market share, Nortel Networks has introduced a new suite of products under the umbrella of Personal Internet

Technology Update
Workshop Wisdom

The Protocols Behind E-mail
E-mail was the first business-to-business killer application of the Internet. E-mail ranks with the printing press, the telephone and television in mass impact.
Best Technology Sites
Buying Tips

Faxing made easy and cheap with Internet
Fax also known as Facsimile, has emerged as the most popular communication media, both for business communication and personal requirements.

Case Study
ISDN: The Right Solution For Bandwidth Intensive Applications?
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a digital technology, providing a digital pipe for communication of speech, data and images, at the speed of 64 Kbps or 128 Kbps, but at a cost comparable with our very familiar plain old telephone (POT).
BHEL Deploys Gigabit At The Desktop
With robust voice, video and data transactions becoming crucial to organizations in their effort to improve their business processes and expand their reach,
Call Center
Customer Interaction In An E-Commerce World
The Internet is changing how business does business by introducing entirely new channels for completing transactions and providing customer care.
3G Wireless: Breaking Communications Barriers
The year 2000 had varied connotations in the world of Information Technology. In the mobile world, however, it is widely recognized as the year, which introduced data to augment voice.
Switch Over For Efficiency
Switches are hardware devices that look similar to routers, hubs, and bridges.
Terminologies Simplified
Loop Timing In digital communications, a synchronization method that extracts timing information from incoming pulses.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cable Recovery
On the face of it, recovering old cabling is a total no-brainer. Tug the unwanted cable fairly hard and that's it.

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