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Modem from RAD Data Communications

The ASM-20 Short Range Modem operates synchronously or asynchronously (strap-selectable) at full or half duplex over unconditioned lines. It has a range of up to 23 km (14 miles) and operates at data rates between 19.2 kbps and 256 kbps. The use of conditioned diphase modulation (EUROCOM Std. D1) provides immunity to background noise, eliminates normal line distortion and enables efficient transmission and reception of serial data over twisted pair cable. Transmit timing is provided internally, or is derived externally from the data terminal or receive signal. Receive timing is regenerated from the data.
When set to async mode, ASM-20 performs async to sync conversion in compliance with ITU V.14 standard.

However, rates higher than 115.2 kbps are supported in sync mode only. ASM-20 features V.54 diagnostic capabilities to perform local analog loopback, and local and remote digital loopback. The loops can be manually activated from the front panel or via control signals from the interface connector. In addition, ASM-20 incorporates a built-in Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) to enable complete testing of both modems and the line. A front panel switch generates a pseudo-random test pattern (511 bits) according to ITU V.52, for testing end-to-end connectivity. An ERROR LED flashes when a bit error is detected.

ASM-20 is available as a desktop unit or as a card for the ASM-MN-214 modem rack. The rack can carry up to 14 ASM-20 cards and is supplied with 25-pin D-type connectors. Optional hardware is available for mounting one or two standalone units in a 19" rack.

HDSL Termination Unit

The terminal unit, HTU-E1/HTU-E1L using HDSL technology extends the range of E1 equipment to up to 4.8 km (3 miles) over 24 AWG (0.5 mm), 4-wire copper cable. Using the HDSL repeater, it extends the range to up to 8.4 km (5.2 miles) between the central office and customer premises. HTU-E1/HTU-E1L eliminates the need for repeaters or optical cable in the last mile (local loop) or in the campus network environment. Using advanced equalization, adaptive-filtering, echo cancellation technology and 2B1Q line coding, HTU-E1/HTU-E1L compensates for line impairments, and bridge taps and mixed cabling. High immunity to background noise enables transmission of multiple HDSL lines in the same physical cable.

Two clock modes, internal and external are available. Setup, control and monitoring of status and diagnostics information can be performed using one of the following:

  • Front panel LCD with three push buttons, using menu-driven management.
  • ASCII terminal connected to the async control port using command line interpreter.
  • SNMP management station connected to the async control port, using Serial Link
  • Interface Protocol (SLIP).

The priority-bumping feature allows the user to select the timeslot priority (high or low) in case one of the HDSL lines is down. HTU-E1 is available as a standalone unit or as a rack-mount card (HTU-E1C) for the LRS-12 modem rack. The HTU-E1C card can provide a remote power feed for an HDSL repeater or an HTU-E1L unit. For the remote power feeding option, a standalone power supply, LRS-PS-FEED, should be ordered separately.

SwitchRouter from Enterasys

Enterasys Networks has launched the X-Pedition ER16 backbone routing platform. Designed to meet the demand on the enterprise core backbone, it is targeted at corporate networks and e-businesses.

The ER16 delivers four times the Gigabit routing capacity as Enterasys' current routing offerings, and provides a set of advanced application services, including traffic prioritization, traffic shaping, multilayer security, application load balancing, application content verification and high availability. These advanced services provide critical control of business-centric applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), SAP, database, e-commerce, multimedia, and converged voice, video and data.

NetApp F840 Enterprise Filers

Network Appliance storage appliances, or filers, consolidate Unix, Windows, and web data, for data and storage management. As dedicated appliances, NetApp filers optimally serve and manage data. NetApp filers provide a simple, yet powerful data management solution for improving performance, ensuring continuous availability, and minimizing infrastructure costs. NetApp F840 filers offer many advantages for databases and data warehousing, e-commerce, news, e-mail and web content hosting, corporate home directories and collaborative databases, and technical applications including engineering design, software development, scientific computing, and earth sciences.

NetApp F840 enterprise filers deliver data access anytime and anywhere. The flexible, multiprotocol Network Appliance architecture enables simultaneous file sharing of Unix, Windows, and web data by users and application servers from across the corporate network. The NetApp design optimizes data access for consolidated, multiuser environments as well as dedicated access by demanding application servers and server clusters.

It features fibre channel disk subsystem, high-speed networking capabilities, and the high-performance Data ONTAP microkernel. NetApp F840 enterprise filers scale to support thousands of users and transactions and up to 12 TB of data within single or multiple networks.

Snap Server 4100 from Quantum

Quantum's Snap Server file server is available in 120GB or 240 GB and takes only five minutes to install. The Snap Server 4100 offers data protection with RAID 1 mirroring and RAID 5 striping with parity (factory default). Efficient design to hardware and the maturity of the embedded OS make the Snap Server extremely reliable and robust. This server is the only one that automatically offers Windows, NetWare, Macintosh and Unix/Linux users transparent multi-platform file sharing.

These servers have been engineered for network file sharing. The Snap Server 4100 offers RAID 0 with true data striping performance and can easily support a department of 150 or more users.

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