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March 2001 Issue


News Front
Juniper Networks to Expand India Operations - Juniper Networks India Ltd., networking major that took the Internet infrastructure market by storm, is expanding its operations in the Indian market.

Focus Features

Designing an Enterprise Storage Network
Enterprise Storage Network (ESN) is an architecture used to extend the reach and flexibility of a storage infrastructure in order to leverage its value to enterprises.

Other Storage Technology Options
Today's tape storage marketplace is made up of a confusing array of formats and technologies. OEMs and analysts agree that the situation is not serving customers well and have called for open formats.

Storage Scenario in India
There are many factors driving the growth of storage. The key ones include e-business and large enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, HR, for instance.

Alstom and Cyquator: How do they store and retrieve data?
IT as an enabling tool is one of the taken-for-granted setups within most large and medium enterprises in India. Even the smaller companies have smartened up to the need for a strong IT setup.

Other Features
Network Management
Server-based computing and its effects on the Enterprise
The Internet community has increased from 15.3 million to 68.6 million in the last two years.
Terminologies Simplified - Locally Administered Address (LAA) A parameter used by a 3174 controller to determine whether a node can access a mainframe computer connected to a Token Ring network.
Technology Update
The protocols behind e-mails
The e-mail system has become the de facto method of business-to-business communication. Here is a description of the open standards used for formatting, transporting and accessing e-mail messages.
‘‘Focus on your customer and not the competitor’’
As the Internet takes on the role of a mission critical tool for business, the demand and pressure on the Internet network infrastructure and the service provider is growing at breakneck speed.

‘‘Security is a major concern for IT managers today’’
WAN Media & Communications Protocols-Thinking Out of the Box - Here is an overview of the various transmission media and communication protocols available for wide area networking and some of the issues to be considered before choosing the right one. Modem from RAD Data Communications - The ASM-20 Short Range Modem operates synchronously or asynchronously (strap-selectable) at full or half duplex over unconditioned lines.
Q-Support Corner
All about Hubs - In data communications, a hub is the pivot of convergence where data arrives from one or more directions and is forwarded out in one or more directions. Troubleshooting Techniques - Why does the error message Primary Hard Disk Failure appear?
There are many different causes for apparent hard disk failures. Sometimes the problem is in the disk itself, but just as often, it could be a configuration or other problem.
In a Netshell
Bits 'n' pieces of the Networked world
I had touched upon Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) in one of the earlier issues, and mentioned that I'd come back to the topic sometime later.
In Quest of tele-quality
The telecom industry is advancing like never before. Bandwidth is becoming abundant, and newer technologies combined with liberalization are opening up the remotest areas into the global tele-network.
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