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Citrix to be enabler of ASPs

Carrying forward its mission for digital independence, Citrix Software Ltd; has announced its iBusiness ASP program and facilitated the ASPs by launching its iLicensing program in the country. With this, Citrix hopes to support and accelerate the growth of the ASP market in India. This is also being seen as a move to strengthen its position in the country as the chief enabler of the ASP movement.

In a recent study, IDC has reported that the global ASP market is expected to grow from $300 million in 1999 to $8 billion by 2004, while in India the preliminary projections estimate the ASP market to be Rs 1100 million by 2004.

Keeping these figures in mind, Citrix is determined to push itself in the ASP segment in the country. Says Daniel A. Heimlich, director of marketing, iBusiness, Citrix Systems Inc., "The ASP market is in its infancy and most of them are still working out the model for providing applications on rent. We have set out to make MetaFrame, Microsoft Terminal Server, the single unified solution for ASPs. In this iBusiness ASP program, we will also help them in capacity planning and provide licensing options. We will also start a channel program for value added resellers, consultants and integrators in the ASP space and an ASP partnership program."

As a matter of fact, the company set up three channel programs to address specific service provider needs. The iBusiness ASP program is seen to initiate an interactive relationship between the ASPs and Citrix. While iLicense is the innovative "pay as you go" software licensing model, which enables ASPs to install a full suite of Citrix software across servers without having to incur any up front software licensing fee. Instead a billing and license metering software is used to measure the usage level.

"The iLicensing that we have pioneered will help the ASP market towards an electronic licensing system," explains Heimlich. In addition, this new program also extends to the ASP's round-the-clock technical support, assistance in building strategic partnerships and establishing and expanding service offerings and marketing services.
According to Heimlich, Citrix is focussing on increasing the revenue through various ASP and NSP partnerships globally. In fact, Citrix has already signed more than 100 members for its iBusiness ASP program globally. Anil Menon, director, marketing, Citrix Software Ltd., says, "We expect this licensing program to become a success in India and act as a catalyst behind the growth of the ASP market."

What's more, Gartner records that up to 80 per cent of the world's 500 plus ASPs will use Citrix software within the next five years. "The reason why most ASPs will use our software is because the Citrix application server software enables them to centralize the installation, deployment and administration of applications on their servers and deliver connection to users on virtually any platform and client device," says Hemlich.

Besides the ASPs, Citrix is also targeting the market for web-based applications through new products and technology enhancements to MetaFrame. In fact, MetaFrame forms the basis of Citrix's server based, thin client computing and Digital Independence Initiative. "The Digital Independence philosophy concentrates on improving not only application access, but also the user's actual application experience. In fact we are now focusing on Unix applications, mission critical applications, web based applications, as well as ASP applications to expand our server-based computing portfolio," explains Heimlich.

Today, the bulk of Citrix's application server revenues come from MetaFrame, the flagship application server software for Windows NT and Windows 2000 server environment. "In the Indian application deployment space, for the past two years, the MetaFrame adoption rate has reached 200 per cent. In fact, we would look at setting up a proof-of-concept center in the country to promote this solution," says Menon. Recently Citrix has also launched its MetaFrame version for various flavors of the Unix OS.

While Citrix has made inroads into the global ASP market, it is yet to see fruits of its recent activities in the Indian market. With its Digital Independence message, Citrix has definitely expanded its the application server's market reach and accelerated its adoption in traditional enterprises markets. While Citrix is definitely well ahead of its potential competitors in the market, it will need to wake the nascent Indian ASP market. NM

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